We are firm believers that all children are children of God.  With that, we are working hard to provide a nurturing place for children with Autism.  One time per month we provide a place for the children to come together, with their families and engage with other children with similar needs.  Autism is such a broad term, and there are so many different forms and levels, we are hoping to provide an environment where kids can work with eachother; teaching, learning, practicing social skills that they cannot normally do without someone asking questions that can be too hard to answer.   We also want to allow the families to engage with eachother, see that there are other kids with these issues, and provide a support team that they can depend on.

Caring for any special needs child can be very stressful, and we want to create a place for families to gather. The Hiwassee Church of God welcomes these children not only during these events, but also during our church services.  Special needs children, are just more  special hearts that can be saved.