Prayer is such an important part of your relationship with God.

Here is list a prayer requests, please remember to pray each day!

Hugh Allmon, Donnie Everhart, Derek Hamby, Joe Galentine, Bill Akins, Clarence Brantly-cancer, MaryJo Strong

Ken Strong, Beth Shaw, Travis Hull, Tami Sheppard, Lori Tilley, Neil Lawrence-Missionary to Kenya, Rita Butcher-Throat condition

Kenny Smith, Patsy Moser, Patrick Moster, Billy Smith, Kaylee Borden, Joanne Townzen

Lori Blankenship, Matt Hale, Barlene Brochman, Marc Cohen- stage 4 lung cancer, Wanta Parton and Jeremy Mynatt – stage 3 colon cancer

Kelly Murphy Gaona, Adam Whited, Teresa Williams- healing for internal bleeding, Nathan smith-restoration, Muckey White-healing from autoimmue anemia

Saturday and Sunday
Pray for the church and lost souls